Looking for Crazy Quilt Treasures

I went to Phoenix Arizona this week to visit a friend. We had a great time shopping and visiting. Friends of the heart are the best! We frequented antique shops and quilt shops and everything in between! I found a number of treasures that would work for my crazy quilt. Sometimes it is not that obvious at first, but the more unusual the item, often the better it works. For example, I found a necklace that had all of these different crystal stones of blue, green, red and blue. It had little small white stones and each section was connected with a hook latch. It was beautiful and a little over the top but something that I would never wear but was perfect for pulling apart to use on my crazy quilt. In fact, I have already pulled it apart and put one of the pieces on one of my blocks. I also found pieces of lace, a pair of fancy gloves, and a couple of handkerchiefs. So keep your eye out for unusual objects; you never know what might be the perfect thing to add to that crazy quilt block for just the right look!

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  1. Jo Cypher on May 14, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    I’ve always liked collage type rubber stamping and altering books. When I was younger I use to do embroidery but haven’t for 25 years. I love the look of crazy quilts. I have started collecting prom dresses and lace for my project.

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