It’s a New Year!

Another new year and I’m not sure where the last one went! I was contemplating where I have been in the last few years but also where I am going. Ok, not in the physical sense so much, but more about how have I grown as a quilter and teacher. I love to teach, but with the economy as it is, classes have been quite a bit smaller. Even so, I continue to teach regardless of class size because of the joy I receive teaching others to love what I love. Even one on one classes are rewarding because I am able to spend the time working with just one person and also getting to know that person on a personal basis not just because of quilting. I think that has made me more adept at getting to know what is important to my students. The payoff is sometimes not very big in dollars but more than worthwhile on a personal level. I want my students to come back for more teaching not only because of the quilting but because of the personal connection. God is my strength; He fills my life with wonderful ladies who fulfill my need for loving relationships. There are always times when someone will not like the way you do things but that is more the exception and not the rule. My goal this year is to improve my skills and get my quilting and teaching to a new level not just on Crazy Quilts but personally. Thanks to my ladies for being a part of this journey. Happy New Year!

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