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Thank you so much for visiting Heaven’s Quilts today. We have been gradually updating our website and have added this Blog where we look forward to telling you about our latest products under development, what’s new in our store, or just sharing with you some cool new ideas on how to create that special quilt project.  As many of you know, my favorite style of quilting is creating Crazy Quilts. It doesn’t matter whether I am creating a table runner, a book cover, a pincushion or just a beautiful wall-hanging, I can find a way to use crazy quilting techniques. Recently, I had the opportunity to share my passion for this quilting style at an afternoon tea sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. It was such fun talking about the history of crazy quilting, look at some turn of the century crazy quilts from the museum collection, and show some of my own creations – like this one: 


As I come up with new ideas in this area, I look forward to sharing my ideas with you. So check back every now and then to find out what’s new in my quilting workshop  – actually what used to be the living room, but “workshop” sounds so much better!!

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