Where is this going?

Sometimes when you are working on a Crazy Quilt, there is a point at which you may wonder where in the world is this going?! Life is like that too. You are trudging thru and then you suddenly don’t have any idea where you are going. At that point you have a choice to just keep going and finish what you started or give up. I am not one to give up…if I start something then I want to finish it. Sometimes I just need to put it aside for a little while and allow myself time to let the project rest as well as myself. There is no harm in that, in my opinion. In fact usually, it allows me to refresh and get a new perspective so that when I pick it up again I have new inspiration and ideas to finish the task at hand. That is where I am with my current Crazy Quilt. I use the project to teach from and it needed some new inspiration! So the resting stage is almost over and the project will have a whole new look. I can’t wait to get started…I hope you are too.

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