Personal Nature of Crazies

What makes a Crazy Quilt so personal? It is the nature of what we ourselves put into a “crazie”. My first crazie holds such personal meaning for me. There are fabrics from my best friend, silk ties from my husband, lace from my wedding dress and so much more. But it is also the time that is invested which can never be replaced or that I would never want to replace. It is time sitting with the dogs in my lap and trying to do intricate embroidery with the dog licking your hand. It is the time sitting next to my husband whom I adore even after 30 plus years! So many memories and yet it was the start of something new as well. I never thought that I would be doing what I am today… (writing a blog…who me???)…teaching classes…encouraging ladies to seek their passion and enjoy the simple art of embroidery and Crazy Quilting. Anyway when I made my first crazie, my husband encouraged me to write something which would tell someone in the future all of the intimate details of my crazie. So I decided to write a poem which would at least give others a hint of the meaning that this quilt has had for me even if I’m not there to tell them. Read it and weep…I do.


My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden; filled with reminders of my favorite things

Love of sewing and quilting and tea; love of gardening and God’s creation

Flowers and plants, ivy and wheat; daisies, roses and violets

Worth beyond beauty


Buttons connecting, old and new; buttons from my favorite clothes

Antique buttons, large and small buttons; bumblebee, dragonfly and ladybug buttons

Flower and leaf buttons; oval, round and square buttons

Worth beyond beauty


Embellishments, old and new; antique hankies and new hankies

Eyelet lace and antique lace; lace from my wedding dress

Plain laces and frilly laces; butterflies, fans, hats, hearts and ribbons

Baubles, beads, pearls and trinkets; a spider web just for luck

Worth beyond beauty


A lifetime of learning, old and new; handwork and embroidery

Needle punch and silk ribbon work; accordion roses and bullion roses

Ribbon, satin and spider roses; blanket, bullion and herringbone stitches,

Chain, cretan and cross stitches; fern, feather, and fly stitches

Running, satin and straight stitches; laced and woven stitches

Buttonhole and lazy daisy stitches; french knots galore

Worth beyond beauty


Pieces of memories, old and new; batiks, chenille and cotton

Satin, silk, velvet, and wool; fabric from my favorite chair

Fabric from my best friend, fabrics left from other quilts, and fabrics from my stash

Silk neckties from my husband, my partner, my love

Worth beyond beauty


All the colors of the rainbow; arrayed in my Secret Garden

Reminders of treasures gained; my husband, my family, my friends and my God

A garden filled with blessings; faith, hope, and love

Worth beyond beauty


— Rita Meyerhoff (2007)


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