Oh How I Love Crazies!

Initially, I had no intention of doing a big crazy quilt! I took a class to learn the process but I also wanted to meet some new people because we had recently moved from Phoenix to Denver. The class was good but I realized that most of the things that were taught were versions of things that I already knew how to do. I understood later that I had been working towards doing a crazy quilt my whole life but just didn’t yet know it. What do I mean by that??? Basically that I have always been crafting and sewing and all of that experience and knowledge came together when I made my first crazy quilt. God does things like that. He gives you the tools to do what He has asked you to do even before you know that you will need them. Amazing! In fact , what started out as a few blocks turned into 12 or 13 and suddenly I had to decide how big was this crazy quilt going to be and how in the world was I going to finish it. A lot of time has gone by and nowadays I teach others how to turn their love of embroidery and other crafts into making their own crazy quilt. Another reason that I love crazy quilting so much is that every crazy quilt is a reflection of the person making it. The items that they choose, the laces and trims that they pick are choices made by each maker. Their quilt gives us insight into the maker both on the inside and the outside which makes the quilt even more beautiful! I love Crazy Quilters (aka “Crazies”); I especially love the time and effort and individuality of each quilt and its maker!

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