Crazy Quilt Colors

close-up6How in the world do I decide what colors and fabrics to put in my Crazy Quilt? For me the answer is – whatever I love! Usually that means things that are in my stash already (anybody have one of those!??). My favorite color is blue, although that has changed over the years so my stash has not only lots of that color but a lot of new favorites as well. Anyway, there is no right or wrong to the colors that you choose because it is your quilt. There are lots of does and don’ts for colors, but I try to just use what looks good to me. I pick my main fabric which I will use over and over in different blocks, and then I let it evolve from there.

close-up7Right now I am working on a crazy quilt in neutral background tones. I thought it could have color but the background had to have that neutral look. By the way, my crazy quilt blocks are looking lovely! Some will say that you can’t put two pattern pieces of fabric next to each other but I think that sometimes that rule is meant to be broken. You can use a large print next to a small less obvious print and it will work just fine. I find that the biggest thing with color is to use a variety of values – a mixture of lights and darks is just as important as including medium values. Otherwise, the colors blend together and won’t look as nice. Don’t forget to add some beautiful silk and finer fabrics to your blocks to add that special touch. Keep crazy quilting and let me know what you are working on!

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  1. sally on April 13, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Hi Rita!
    I LOVE your website and blog. Too fun to think about the hunt for perfect CQ ‘stuff.’ I’m certainly looking forward to your class. You are the BEST!!!

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