Change is Good!

Change is good even in a crazy quilt. Every time you think you have things figured out and everything is going along just perfect, something happens that alters that view. My favorite quilt shop is closing and now what is the alternative? God closes one window but opens a whole new view! I wasn’t sure how the shop closing was going to affect what I thought was “just perfect the way it is”, but now I see that great opportunities are always out there. God always has control – which is good because it is too easy just being happy with the same old thing. That’s true in crazy quilting too. Every time you add a different stitch combination or a different lace or button, you are creating a “moment in time”. Adding each item in a new and fresh way helps to create these unique moments which will catch the viewer’s eye. If you wanted to do a crazy quilt with all the same fabrics and with the same stitch on every seam, that would be ok but it would not be as interesting as when every seam is unique. Even for me, it’s important to put new stitches and combinations every time that I add something to my quilt. So don’t be stuck in the same place but be willing to try something new and be pleasantly surprised with the results. Happy Crazy Quilting!

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