Getting Started on a Crazy Quilt Block

How do I approach creating a crazy quilt block? Deciding how your block is going to look ahead of time is kind of tricky! Some of it is fairly straight forward, e.g., you need to decide the color palette, the overall look of the block, and the general style of the quilt you are planning to make. There are a lot of choices to consider such as the number of blocks, style, color, detail, and the personality. Yes, personality! Sometimes crazy quilts take on a mind of their own! The quilt I am working on now started as just 4 or 5 blocks, but now there are 9! Anyway, after the color choices are made and the first block foundation is pieced, I then lay a number of laces and trims on the block to start to get the feel of the block look that I want. Usually three laces/trims are about right. Then, I decide if it needs something else other than the usual embroidery. Details such as photo transfers, appliqués, handkerchiefs and those special little one of a kind objects can make all the difference in the look of the block. I like lots of embroidery but I also love the embellishment process. I try not to get too wrapped up in deciding ahead of time what needs to go where; instead, I keep adding details until it looks done. OK, so it’s not so straight forward after all; but the process is what makes it fun. Enjoy!

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